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About Our Studio

Design Justice, LLC is an architecture firm created to provide quality and efficient designs – fast documentation, creative space planning as well as financial pragmatism are the company’s main focuses for the client. 

Mission Statement

Design Justice, LLC is a State Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. DJ was founded in 2011 by architect LaDonna Justice, AIA, LEED AP, whose varied experience creates uncommon offerings for her clients. DJ was founded to provide quality drawings in the time frame required by its clients and has quickly become known for the speed and high degree of execution it provides.

We have unique qualifications and experiences that we use to serve our clients. Our diverse background allows us to have multiple points of view and drives our desire to create a built environment accessible to all walks of life. 

Company Background
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Company Specialties

DJ focuses on serving the needs of the client. It is the goal to find out what the client’s vision is and design a built environment to foster and reach that goal. From creating documents exactly as directed by the client to guiding the client in the programming and decision-making process, DJ is centered on providing the exact level of creative contribution required by every individual job.

Projects often need to fulfill many goals in a limited amount of space. DJ prides itself on efficient space planning and design to achieve the goals necessary. Architects are often given “10 pounds to fit in a 5-pound bag” and DJ enjoys the challenge of assisting clients in determining what can give and what must be included.

DJ has a keen interest in accessibility and ensuring that our designs meet applicable codes and acts. Not only is it necessary to abide by the governing rules, but we also believe that we should design buildings and spaces to accommodate everyone, regardless of ability level.

DJ has experience working closely with the construction, installation, and erection teams on its projects. This experience aids in designing efficient, constructible buildings and also allows DJ to receive input from the personnel on the job site and work closely with them in order to create the best, affordable building available.

DJ is also uniquely qualified in the food service industry. The Principal Architect’s previous experience as a food service consultant has provided her with knowledge and training in cooking equipment and kitchen needs. As a result, DJ is distinctive in the fact that it does not need to hire an outside food service consultant. DJ’s largest client base is from the food service industry, with designs including everything from small kitchen renovations to entire restaurant designs.

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